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Loves: Anime, Sesshy, Inuyasha, Alex Rowe(Rou?), flute playin', doodling, music
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[ The rain rules j00 XD ]
Dang. That's some mighty rain out there. I like it! I love the rain. It hadn't rained for about 6 months here and now it's continuous rainy days for 3 days. So awesome! ^^ I feel like going outside and standing in the rain...but it's 12:26 am and it's really cold. But if it was the weekend...and my parents weren't home, I'd go. I would be so niiiice. I wish there was someone to stand in the rain with me. haha. X3

On another note, I'm SO WORRIED about college applications and personal statements and recomendations!!! AHHH!!! *totally stressed out* Thank god the rain is like...soooothing my soould these few days. >_>
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 10/20/2004 01:24:32 AM ||


[ AHAHAHA!!!! ]
I passed my behind the wheel test! Booya!! XD

One more mistake and I would have failed. That was so close! I really suck at driving. Besides the 15 mistakes, the ... what do you called it ... test person also wrote a whole bunch of stuff on my paper. Steering wheel control. Unecessary braking. Short left/right turns. Speeding. (LOL) Late to get into left turn pockets. (really?) And a bunch of other crap I don't remember. I can't believe I passed. Thank god I drove the good car. If it was the crappy Honda I bet that guy would be like "omfg why is the brake making weird sounds?! this is so uncomfortable" *marks* Then I would have failed. XD Anyway. Lisence out of the way, College applications time. kowai yo.

And its friggin raining!!!! YAY!!! finally, Rain! Imma go stand outside now. ^^
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 10/16/2004 11:06:42 PM ||


[ Er... ]
Really not much to say these days, because my life has been completely taken over by work. But it's okay, if I could have done it over, I still would have taken this same number of AP classes, because...I want to. At least its not Calc. BC. Even though Calc AB still isn't the easiest class because its math. And I don't get along with math. Maybe something interesting will happen on my birthday. Yeah right. SATs this Sat. and Drive test #2 next Sat. Damn I really need to get my license... Anyway, ta-ta (XD), I'm going to pass out on my bed because I'm butt-tired. And it's only Monday! Ahhh. Story of my life.
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 10/5/2004 01:09:07 AM ||


[ souni naru, douka shiteru yo ne ]

Why am I so intent on being number one on everything. Everytime I see anyone doing better than me in something I get this bad feeling in my chest. It's so utterly stupid. I need to accept that I'm mediocre... So what if she has guys tagging along 24 hours a day? So what if he's a genius? I can't accept it...

When I don't get a grade I want, I just say to myself "it's because you were lazy." I wonder if that's really true. Is it because I really didn't do my best? Or is it because that was the best I could do? I try not to believe it would be the latter. I would never be able to stand it if I had firm proof that I tried my very best, yet I still didn't get the results I wanted. But then it's normal isn't it? No one can do everything. Even if that person does their best. Right? I remember when someone told me I could do anything if I tried, I'd say, "so can I learn to fly?" ^^; Ahh the childhood naivette. How I look back on those days with...envy.

Weeell, lab crap is going badly as always. Damn things. Why won't they mate. I don't think I can make it in time for Siemens. Such...a...damn...failure...

Whatever, I'm not going to lab tomorrow, since there's orchestra. Yay, first meeting. ^^ I like playing the flute, even though I suck... Haven't played in so long, I don't even remember the fingering for the high notes... Hopefully I can sleep earlier tomorrow. Today...I've still got english, enviro, and my cv to do. I'm aiming to sleep at 2. Think I'll make it? Nah. Hopefully I just won't fall asleep like last time. o_O Well, I've rambled enough for today. Whoever you are, thanks for listening. ^^ I like to believe people read this. ^^

~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 9/20/2004 01:08:16 AM ||


[ Busy Busy Busy!! ]
God, so much to do. It's like the work will never end! Argh...

I really need to find a host, that fateback ad is...ugly. ^^; I need a new layout I've been saying for the last year or something. XD I bet I've broken the record for using one layout for the longest time or something. Heh... I can't believe I had the whole summer and I still didn't make time to do a new layout. Geeeez, procrastination to the max. XD

Oh yes, and Inuyasha has ended. ;_; The manga is good. Really good. But having things animated is just different. I'll really miss waiting for and watching the episodes every week...

Well, it's off to lab now. Having to go to lab on the weekends. Blah. I bet I have to go more than almost everyone in Biomed but I have the worst research project. Stupid..."mentor"...>_>
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 9/18/2004 03:44:50 PM ||


[ *cries* ]

I'm too tired to say anymore...

Crapload of homework already.

~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 9/8/2004 07:16:51 PM ||

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