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[ crappy ]

Water Angel
The current. Peaceful yet strong. Quiet also, and
usually keep to yourself, or your kind. Even
though underneath you're controled by the the
moon. Keep expanding, you make all the

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I...haven't...wrote anything here

Being sick sucks. I can't breathe through my nose. ughhh. Someone chop my nose off or something. It's already irritated and my really coarse tissue is further irritating it. I hope I can get well before Tues. or I'll have to go to school sick. Which would be...bad. Thank god we get Monday off.

I don't even want to think about my first semester grades.

That quiz picture is really big ne? I should add some width and height tags to the html code. Aiya...where are my parents...I need a ride to lab. Stupid worms are waiting to be picked. I so not want to go. I would whine but it wouldn't do any good now will it? Nope...

On another note, the recent Inuyasha eps were not as bad as I thought they would be. The huge amount of filler eps kinda brought the show to a low point (well for me, anyway). But this Kagome/Akitoki thing is actually pretty interesting. I just wish I could understand what they're saying. -_-' I can kind of make out what they're talking about by occasionally catching frequently used words...but still...need subs. And yay, 2 more episodes of filler and they're going back to the canon stuff. Hakudoushi...Kongousouha (sp?)!. w00tness.

And oh yeah...I need to fix the archive thing. yes yes...
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 6:29 PM ||


[ random blah ]
I need to update that archive list...but I don't feel like it right now. Must study for the darn chem ap test... I'll update it someday. Joined Alex fanlisting. Weee go Alex! The kanchou's so mysterious and dark. ^^ The ending of Last Exile is sad though...can't wait to see it! ^^' *glomps random Alex Rowes*
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 9:57 PM ||


[ Soryuuha! ]
I was reading SOMEone's blog, and it was all talking about how she has A's in every class... I'm so stupid AND I procrastinate (is procrastinating at this very moment) AND I slack off. Is not being able to get into Calc BC a good or bad thing? They say it's the hardest class in school (well after Eng AP), but I still want to take it. On one hand I wont die as badly, on the other, er...I'm not taking it (which is a bad thing, yup). School sucks and anyone who disagrees should get slashed by Toukijin. Soryuuha!

Anyway, enough about school, me have to say somethin about my crappy driving. I've been driving to and from lab this last week, and it was alright. I just hate it when there are car(s) behind me though. It feels like I'm driving extremely slow and annoying them. So I try to go faster... So on um..Friday, I think, I was next to a curb going to turn right, and since there were cars behind me I thought I better go faster, and as I turned the right wheels ran into the curb (or something, I don't know) and the friggin tire blew out -_-' That freeeeaaaaked me out. My dad had to put on the spare tire... I felt so bad because I shouldn't have been all panicky just because there were cars next to and behind me...and also because my dad didn't even say anything. He just said all calmly that I shouldn't be scared of the cars. In my mind I was apologizing a zillion times because it took so long to change the tire and my dad was sick. And I also learned each tire would be about $100. I kind of wished he would yell at me or something. Oh well...I wish my temper was like his... but then again he's waaay scary sometimes. Ah well. I'm too scared to drive now...<_<
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 9:37 PM ||

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