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I watch too much Anime for my own good. yup.

Other than I haven't put up a anything new in so long...again. Life is like usual. Way too stressful...but I guess Junior year's still better than last year. Anyway, Science fair coming up once again, and I still haven't gotten ANY data for my project. Damn worms that refused to have their array's integrated into their DNA. Darn you all little crawly things. I really hope I can get results in time so I can write my 10 pg. report before its due. Gosh it's like this every year. Why'd I have to have such stupid projects every year. *pouts* I'm angsty.

Also, SAT's coming up. I better study math...and english...-_-' Blah, enough about school and school related things.

Let's see...there is nothing interesting about my life. Nope nope. Oh wait, how about I drone on about this dream I had about..let's call him Mr. J (there's a reason behind the naming...). Actually there isn't much to say...except that we went to this kiddyland place to play DDR for a date. Now that I think about it, what kind of a date is that? Dreams are weird...

Um...woohoo I got "once upon a December" as my ringtone. And Sesshoumaru and Alex as my (phone) wallpaper. Yay.
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 4:43 PM ||


[ XD ]
Today was great. 6th period was great. The fact that I'm currently getting a B- in Bio and that I got a 12/27 on my Chem test and a D for my Trig quiz is not great. But what happend...sort of cheered me up...a bit anyway. ^_^

My Mandarin teacher (who does NOT teach) just gave us a quiz yesterday on words we never learned before. Evil. Stupid. Dumbass. The worksheets he gave us to study had nothing to do with the quiz. Needless to say I did horrible on it. So so, today a friend had these little heart idea where she got em. But I don't really care. She had the idea to stick it on the teacher's back (by pretending to poke him and ask a question ^_^), but then she changed her mind...and came up with the brilliant idea to put the stickers sticky side up on the teacher's chair, so when he sits, it'll get stuck on his arse. (He was sitting on a stool teaching the other side of the room, like always, and not teaching us anything. Why our stupid high school put 2 classes...mandarin 3/4 and 5/6 probably because of a particular governor...OF CALIFORNIA...and a president...and non-existent funds...but I wont go into that.) Anyway, the point is he sat on it and now he has 2 hearts stuck on his behind. We laughed our heads off. He must have thought we were weird because we stayed in the classroom until he left to see if the stickers were on his butt. XD He got up to leave and there it was. You don't teach...and kill my grade, we get revenge. Mwahahahaha....Hope he likes his...decoration! ^_^
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 6:11 PM ||

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