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Well science fair's over (has been since last thurs.). I thought I would get a little rest after but no...

It's not like I thought I would win anything, I would have bet my life on not winning anything. It was so weird how I felt depressed after the award ceremony at night. The people who won looked so happy and their parents were so proud taking pictures... I wanted to win something. I'm sure the time I spent at lab was not any less than anyone else. It's all because of my "mentor"!! Nah, I just don't like him so I'm blaming everything on him. Crappy project... And I found myself being really afraid of what the judges would think about every little word I used when I was presenting. Don't normal people usually just go on and say what they want to say? I'm just like "oh my god...what if they thing this if I say it this way?? How should I say it??" I'm normally not a people person but ughh I was definitally the worst in presenting in the whole fair. I'm so afraid of what other people think. I mean every little thing I do, even in front of my best friends... I'm always unsure... Well unless I'm really hyper or something...u_u

I'm going to take psychology AP next year... Isn't this layout getting old or what? Oooold...and boring. I need to make a new one during spring break!

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[More Work]
I haven't been updating lately...

So I'll fill you (imaginary people who actually read this) in on what I'm doing besides posting blog entries. Lab has been taking up more and more time afterschool, and tomorrow I have to be there for 5 or more hours starting from afterschool. After lab, theres the ton of homework I always manage to not do and procrastinate on because I have other homework I've alreadyprocrastinated on that I have to finish...that are supposed to be finished already... (wasn't that sentence confusing?) There's science fair on March 11 and I don't even get to miss the whole day of class this year. Still have to go to 5th and 6th periods... I still haven't started on the 10 pg research report for my project or my board yet. And then March 27 is the SATs I'm bound to get a 1000 or lower on. I have to study vocab!! and math!! because I suck on both subjects!!

I have no life besides that stuff. Its sooooo sad. -_-'

I manage to have time to watch Inuyasha episodes though. It's getting really good! Sesshy sama's back in the show these days and Hakudoushi rocks. Abi Hime and the chi no kawa (river of blood?) are going to be animated! I never saw what Abi Hime looked like because I never saw the manga for that volume...But w00t the Anime is getting there. ^^ There, I'll end on a more cheerful note today.
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