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[ Hackers Suck Bootay and Smores are good]
Just a random title. ^^;; Anyway, lol, new layout during spring break huh? I was way too busy...wait what was I doing then? Something that took up all of my time, no less. Probably just forum lurking all day long. Oh! and finishing my really crappy wannabe 1st "cg" ever. So now, my new excuse is "I'll make a new layout when I come across a good picture."

Wow, I don't even bother to archive stuff anymore. I will! One day! You (no one...) just watch!

We're having dumb California standardized tests these weeks, and right after are AP's...but before that I have my SAT II's. I also have to retake the okama SAT I. I was at first pretty satisfied with my score, because this guy who got 120 lower than me got into UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD... everything that he applied to. But then I talk to someone else...who got a 1460 and still isn't satisfied. o_O Freak, that scared me. But...I don't want to take the SATs next year, and if for some reason I can't take it in June (SAT II's retake? can you retake them??), I would have to take it again next year...but I don't want to do that! Argh! Damn smartypants who got 1500 something. >_< Jealous!

Other than hectic test crap, there's lab, where "mr. lab guy" ain't doing sh*t to help me with anything! What's the point of having a "mentor" (so my teacher calls them) if they're not even helping? He's off to his little trips and crap. Okay, so the trips ARE important (well to him), but this is my friggin last year, and I NEED to get some good results. I can't even bring myself to ask him how I'm going to do this year's project. He just keeps talking and talking about how many places he needs to go. Geez, it feels like he's purposely doing that to have an excuse to not help me. Well then I shouldn't even go to lab anymore. All I'm doing is HIS projects. I'm not even gonna get credit for it. Who cares, if you're not helping me, why should I help you? The whole point of me being there is so that I can get a project, while he can have me help him with DULL mindless experiments he doesn't want to do. He sucks. Period. (Just like hackers and such.)

>_< Brain...dying! Life...horrible. Man, I'm never happy in my posts.

Inuyasha 147-148 Spring specials are...downloading so friggin slowly! And wow, its 12, I still barely started on my homework.


>_< !!!!!!!!!

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