Name: Kimberly
Age: 16
Loves: Anime, Sesshy, Inuyasha, Alex Rowe(Rou?), flute playin', doodling, music
Hates: Homework, ignorant or loud people, anything that deprives me of sleep, E. Huang


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[ Music Videos and Such ]
I was watching Eminem and D12's "My Band" on MTV for the 302894498th time (not that I'm getting tired of it), and I finally noticed that the removal of the star-shaped thing from the...guy with the tight green...clothes with sequins was supposed to be Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. I knew he was making fun of boy bands, and since Nsync is such a well-known one, everytime I see the video, I wonder if the 4 less known members of the group are jealous of Justin, like the 4 guys in the "My Band". And I love that part where the D12 band is all dressed in white singing " just tears my ass apart..." XD Wait...I'm getting farther and farther away from the point...o_O

Okay, point: I really like Eminem. I don't like people who start cussing every known curse work on the street, but I don't mind cussing in songs for some reason... Blah, nevermind. Where was I...I really like Eminem, yeah. He has like a point in his songs...even if it is just to make fun of someone. Feels like he's saying it's unfair for the rest of the people in the Nsync, aaand I can completely agree with him. People might say Eminem's just some foul, low, white rap artist, but...I think he's got quite a mind. Or I could just be over-analyzing everything as a result of too much habit-forming literature analysis from english class...

Speaking of english...GRAWR...I got horrible math and english SAT II scores. 44th percentile in Math. XD And to think I actually picked IIC. >_> Eh well, next October and November, I'll have to suffer through SATs again then.
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 2:26 AM ||


[SAT IIs: Whew!! ...not really...]
The SAT IIs...

I really am horrible at math and math related subjects. A 640 on the SAT I??? And skipping every other problem on the SAT IIs?? Geez.

After I finished my three tests (bio, math IIc, writing), my dad came to pick me up, but was in the middle of some (ball) game and had to go finish it since he was playing doubles and if he didn't go back, his partner would have to forfeit. So, I waited at some...building for 2 hours, sitting on the couch, eating. (As if I'm not fat enough...) It was so hot outside. Thank god there was at least air conditioning. Still, what a waste of 2 hours.

For the sake of exercising, I went to play 10:30pm. XD I just came back at 12-ish. That was fun. ^_^ It was quite hot we ran through the giant sprinklers and got wet at about 11:40 XD Then played some more because it was cold...If I keep exercising, maybe I wont have giant pieces of fat around my waste and I can wear a nice dress to the prom next year or something, assuming someone will actually ask me...

Need to take a shower now...*sticky*
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 12:50 AM ||

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