Name: Kimberly
Age: 16
Loves: Anime, Sesshy, Inuyasha, Alex Rowe(Rou?), flute playin', doodling, music
Hates: Homework, ignorant or loud people, anything that deprives me of sleep, E. Huang


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[Oh Great]
I get to have the toughest teacher that teachers Gov/Economics at summerschool. That's nice. I swear, he's freaky. He's one of those people who can be mad at you and hate you and know every single wrong thing you did, but still keeps his mouth shut. He appears to be all nice in class, joking around, but afterclass he asks, "So, how do you think you're going to do on the test Monday?" And if you answer, "...okay, I guess," suspiciously because it was a weird question, he'll say, "I noticed you weren't taking much notes." And then it hits you, he was probably staring at you the whole time you were sleeping. Recording data on you into his evil mental computer, calculating how bad a student you are. XD Oh yes, the "freakiest" in his class. XD

Anyway, I'll show him! XD I hate teachers that make me take notes. He'll just have to live with my sleeping and non-note taking. ...I hope I can get an A. It is only regular history class after all. It can't be harder than AP or honors classes. *nods* >_> rekishi o daikirai yo! *cough* I hate maybe-not-correct japanese.
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