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[ Gacktness ]
Am I too into japanese pop culture?  uh...well, probably not, XD but anyway...on some show about video games called X Play today, I saw this game that is out in Japan called ...what? Bujingai? Bajingai? @_@ I don't remember, but anyway, the main character is supposed to be designed by the people who made Trigun and Cowboy Bebop.  The show hosts made up this game where they tried to guess whether the character was a guy or a girl. XD Ya know, feminine guys are pretty popular in Japan.  This character was a...typical feminine guy...The character's supposed to be modeled after a "pop star" in Japan.  My first thought: Gackt.  C'mon, he is pretty feminine...  At least his looks.  So guess what the character was really modeled after?  Gackt.  The show hosts had to make fun of his name at least 3 times. XD GAaaAAackT. XD I wonder where he got that name anyways... I think I'm motivated to go listen to some of his songs or something now.  I'm not even sure he sings. Ahhh XD

Oh.  No offense towards those...Japanese guys...that everyone likes... If you don't believe me, consider this:  I'm obsessed with Sesshoumaru.  Hmmm, ya can't get more, ah, maidenly than that ne?  ^^'

Gawd, I need a new layout. Pooo.
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[ AX 04 and the Alex Rowe of my dreams ]
XD Isn't that the best title ever for a post?? XD

Anyway...Dude!!! Ze Anime Expo rocked!!! I really wish we could have stayed for 4 days instead of only 2, and that we had a hotel room... I bet I wouldn't have been able to make it if I had to not sleep for another 2 days. I was falling asleep as soon as I sat down somewhere. XD But other than being butt-tired, it socks XD Not that I was wearing any socks with my costumes...

I wish we went earlier on the first day, we didn't really get to do anything. The second day, we went to buy stuff...and they didn't have good wallscrolls this year!!! *crycry* My goal was to buy some really nice wallscrolls! All the booths had the same scrolls, and they were so expensive. There were tons of plushies I wanted to buy though. Too bad I was too cheap to buy them XD All I got was Inuyasha manga (Japanese) and a set of Inuyasha figurines. ...I regret not buying stuff untill my wallet died or something...XD

So, I went as Freya (Dark Chii) on the first day, and Abi-hime on the second day. I can't believe how many people asked to take pictures. It's really creepy to think that so many pictures of my friend and me are out there right now. o_O I bet some are gonna get on the internet... o_O Freaky. Anyway, On the first day, I was all excited about seeing a Sesshou walking around. And I took a picture with him. No biggie. But on the second day, I saw Alex! Alex Rowe! of Last Exile!! Do you know how much I'm like in *loveeE* with Alex?? XD I took a picture with himmm ^^ I'm going to treasure that picture forever! FOREVER! Eien ni! Zutto... *sigh* XD I really wish I had a conversation with him or something XD He was one of the rare good looking people playing the bishies that I like. Did that sentence make sense? What I mean is...Either girls play the characters, or...not so attractive guys...I'm being so shallow, but this is my moment of fangirlness, so I have the right to be ne? XD He didn't have Alex's really cool cane gun thing though. Damn! I could have asked about that!! XDD

So on to other things...There was a karaoke thing, and everyone was singing Japanese songs with lyrics on a piece of paper they brought. I wanted to sing too! if only I had a song and lyrics prepared... *sigh* next year. I'm going to stay 4 days next year.

I'm soo totally infatuated with Alexxxxx...or the guy dressed up as Alex!!! XD I'm so going to draw Alex fanart now...screw Sesshoumaru. XD
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