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[ Holy Sh--! ]
So I was having a conversation with my parents. About SATs. >_< Which I hate talking about. The mere mention of it will make me wanna slap the person mentioning it, especially if that person is my parent. Unfortunately I can't slap my parents. Anyway so the conversation took it's usual course and wound around to the subject of college, and then what classes I'm taking.

My mom: What APs are you taking this year?
Me: ...Physics, Enviro, Calc, English...
My dad: *yells from across the room* What? How many is that?
My mom: *repeats subjects in Chinese to dad* si ge! (four) Mom: *eerily cheerful* I will make soup for you everyday! (Which is supposed to be a good thing.)
Me: >_> What? I don't like soup...soup is nasty. I never drink soup.
Mom: Need me to help you with anything? I bet you'll get into a good college now! *freakilyHappy*
Me: o_O

That was seriously freaky. Coming from a mother who constantly says things like, "Let's see what kind of crappy college you can get into! You're so lazy PCC won't even accept you!" etc. etc. >_> You know what, I like the cranky mom better. At least what she says is true. Now I feel bad because...Everyone takes more APs than me! And they get A's...While I get B's. Any my parents think 4 APs is good. ;_; Anyways, this sucks because my grades are crap and lab sucks. Stupid...guy!

On another note...I look like I'm crying on my ID picture. XD

On another another note, I canNOT believe anyone would ask me out. Not that I said yes, or would ever say yes, to anyone, but still, it's kinda...amusing. In a weird kind of way. ^^; I should keep count of these things, just to amuse myself, since my life um...Sucks. XD

Oh, and You-Who-Is-Not-Supposed-To-Read-This (you know who you are >_>): Die! XD jk jk...
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 8:20 PM ||


[ hisashiburi da na ]
Long time no see eh? Er...that's because...I've been too lazy to even rant. But who even reads this anyway? Ahhhh school's starting soon...horrible. Summer went really fast, and I've still yet to complete my summer work. I wish I was one of those people who take normal classes and don't get any work. >___> AP sucks. Biomed too...but I guess I can't bad mouth biomed...I can only do that to Mr. "Mentor" from lab. *cough* Sono ahou...honmono baka da.

*sigh* One day, I'll have a happy happy completely happy post free of any complaints. Yes. One day.
~ Kono baka onna no ko @ 12:23 AM ||

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